My man crushing thighs ft. Femme Luxe

A couple of weeks ago a delightful parcel of goodies from Femme Luxe landed on my doorstep and for the first time in a long time an entire clothes order actually fit.

Look how much am feelin’ maself, feelin’ maself.

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You know that feeling where you’re so excited for those clothes to arrive because you have an idea in your head of how they’d look? Well for once… that actually matched up!

For those of you who know me well you know I’ve got this love hate relationship with my ‘could crush a man’ thighs and giant bum teamed with a small waist. Somehow that seems to be in fashion now, luckily for me, as these clothes ACTUALLY fitted my body type.

It’s pretty damn rare to find that, normally if they fit my bum/thighs then they’re hanging off the waist, or if they look like they’ll fit my waist then well, I can barely get them past my knees. You get the drift…

I spent a long time being infuriated by my lack of thigh gap and 90’s heroin chic aesthetic so I am absolutely living for the trends moving towards girls loving their own body types individually instead of trying to fit into one desirable image, that’s not always achievable. No shade to girls with a thigh gap – we’re all beautiful, this is just about my journey where I’ve struggled to fit into an aesthetic that my body just doesn’t naturally sit in!

So without further ado – check out these super cute outfits!

1. Dusky Pink Lexi Loungewear Set, Size 10

Click to buy Lexi Loungewear Set! (£20.99)

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Okay so I’m all about comfort and this loungewear set is super comfy!

Much like how I struggle with my waist with trousers, it also happens with tops, normally they are baggy but this hoodie is probably one of the best fitted cropped hoodies I’ve worn in a long time – you can see that it actually sits comfortably on my waist.

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I’m wearing a size 10 in this but I think for that extra comfort I’d size up and go for a 12, the 10 looks cute but sometimes I want a lil extra room in my loungwear. That’s just personal preference though!

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Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

2. Black Basic Sleeveless Playsuit – Faith, Size 10

Click to buy Black Basic Sleeveless Playsuit £14.99

Okay so this is a bit of a controversial one but I am in loooooove! Honestly the level of comfort is second to none. For once the legs don’t roll up and also aren’t so tight that my legs look like sausages in cling film, hooray!

I think I might wear this everywhere, stick it with a pair of heels on a night out, job done. Put a bum bag with it and a pair of clunky trainers and you’re off to a festival.


Not sure how you feel about it? Stick a crop top over it and a pair of Timbs and you’re sorted.

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Also yes my hair smells really good.

Look at those thighs not being strangled to death by lycra, it’s a stocky girl’s dream!


3. Beige One Shoulder Crop Top – Keeley, Size 10

Click to buy Beige One Shoulder Crop Top £9.99

Okay so one of the things I’m loving so far about this company is A) their prices and B) how versatile some of the pieces are. So just like the last one you can dress it up or down this top is damn good for that too! Also the material is thick enough to comfortably wear it without a bra, always a winner!

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4. Green Contrast 2-Piece Set – Tara, Size 10

Click to buy Green Contrast 2-Piece Set £20.99

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I LOOOOOVE CO ORDSSSSSSS. And I ain’t even ashamed.

This also fits like a glove on my waist/bum! And for a 5’2 girl it’s often hard to find well fitted, correct length wide leg trousers!

Again I want to wear this everywhere – another versatile piece, you can interchange the top and bottoms for other items to dress up or down.

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Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

5. Lace Up Super Two Piece Set – Sunny SM 8/10

Lace Up Super Two Piece Set £18.99

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The best part about all of these outfits is that each one reeeally felt like I could let my personality show. I’m so here for these 90’s vibes, I tried to resist it but dear God I’ve been sucked in, dragged bum bag first.

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The lace up sides give you that room to adjust the size, and don’t. even. get. me. started on that arm pit ventilation we got goin’ on thurr.

Absolute festival must have outfit, or pool party, or just if you wanna feel sassy round the house that day!

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset

So that’s me, these are my fave outfits from Femme Luxe!

On average I fit in anything from a size 8 to a 12 so I’m impressed at how accurate the sizing is on these. I’m 5’2 and of a much more athletic build than I used to be, so like I said, it feels damn good to find clothes that embrace not only my figure but my personality!

Cheers to all the mermaid thighed ladies out there with these same chub rub struggles, now go forth and wear whatever the hell makes you feel like the sassy queen that you are!

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p.s. I know I’m normally the other side of the camera but I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty good to be that side!




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