Frensham Ponds ft. Kazz Elphick

Six weeks back, during the midst of the London “heatwave” aka Summer, I got together with MUA Georgie Chesney and model Kazz Elphick.

We figured we didn’t want to miss out on this gorgeous weather and headed over to Frensham Ponds in Surrey early one Friday morning. It was pretty surreal getting there when the place was empty as I’ve only ever seen it heaving before. For those who don’t know what this place is it’s a sandy/beach type area with lakes you can swim in!

I’ve been meaning to sort out a shoot over that way for a while and I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out. Kazz had only ever shot a handful of times before as well so I’m also impressed with how she held herself in front of the camera; one of my favourite things is working with new and developing models as you can see them gaining confidence and finding themselves even through the duration of one shoot!

Black and green bikinis from Mirror Image Style.

White crochet bikini from MissPap.

Yellow and baby blue bikinis from Zaful Swimwear.



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